Saturday, December 25, 2010

A humble abode

For years I've dreamed of doing an 'artist in residence' program. That means, going to a new location for a set period of time for the sole purpose of creating new artwork. There are many of these residency programs around the country and they may or may not be hard to get into— probably some more than others. For me though, making it a priority enough to actually apply was the stepping stone. Afterall, it's not that easy to uproot your entire life, especially when running a business. Sometimes though, life runs the show and the impossible falls right into your lap.

I have been blessed with a rare opportunity to house sit, for a small amount of rent— for an indefinite amount of time—in majestic Oregon— so I said yes and uprooted my entire life. I consider this my "residency". I have nothing to distract me from my work, a very large space, and beauty all around!

This blog will be a journal of this time. 

misty mornings

do you see the halo too?

the launch pad